Learn SRM – Part 13 – Perform Test Drill using VMware SRM 6.5

In earlier posts, we have gone through with the Installation and Configuration of Vmware Site Recovery Manager. We explored both version 8.1 as well as 6.5.

We are no on final stage of our planning. SRM is ready for your environment. You can now plan Disaster Recovery Test to check the functionality. Here we are going to perform the same. We have the recovery plan configured according to our requirement, now let’s initiate the test drill. Remember that when you test a recovery plan, SRM uses the test network to test the VMs and keep Recovered Virtual machines in a bubble network. During test drill, your production Virtual machines will remain powered on and there is no impact on Production environment. Testing a Recovery Plan creates a snapshot on the recovery site of all the disk files of the virtual machines in the plan.

Let’s move to the Step by Step Guide to Perform a Test Drill: –

  • Login to Site Recovery Manager Console.
  • Go to Recovery Plans and Click on Recovery Plan you want to initiate. You can group your virtual machines in Protection Groups and later can add those protection groups to the recovery group. Now you will have choice which Virtual Machines you want to test.

2018-08-28 00_29_06-vSphere Web Client

  • Go to Monitor tab and Click on Green Run Icon.

2018-08-28 00_29_10-vSphere Web Client

  • Select Replicate Recent changes to recovery site. Click Next.

2018-08-28 00_29_27-vSphere Web Client

  • Test is ready to start. Click on Finish.

2018-08-28 00_29_34-vSphere Web Client

  • You can check the status from here. There are multiple steps which it will perform. Make sure that it give a success message to all steps. In case you get any failure message, you need to verify and rectify that issue again.

2018-08-28 00_29_44-vSphere Web Client

  • You can also go to Objects tab under Recovery Plan and Check the overall status of testing.

2018-08-28 00_29_36-vSphere Web Client

  • Recovery still in progress but moved to different stage now. Keep an eye on this.

2018-08-28 00_30_33-vSphere Web Client

This is all about Test Recovery or you can say Test Drill of Disaster Recovery. Next we are moving to Cleanup Activity.

Take a look in below topics, explore and learn Site Recovery Manager: –