How To – Enable NIC Teaming in Windows 10 using PowerShell

Hey All, Today I am going to write a blog on How to Enable NIC teaming in Windows 10 Operating System.

While I was configuring my home lab, I had planned to use existing two Network Adaptors as NIC teaming on a Windows 10 machine. I had explored the same and thought to share with you if you are also planning to configure NIC teaming in your environment. Here is PowerShell command you can use.

PowerShell Command to Enable NIC Teaming: –

New-NetLbfoTeam TeamName "[NIC1_NAME]","[NIC2_NAME]"

Steps: –

  • Login to Windows 10 Machine
  • Click Start and Search PowerShell.
  • Right Click on PowerShell and Open it as Administrator.
  • Type below command and press Enter.
New-NetLbfoTeam TeamName "[NIC1_NAME]","[NIC2_NAME]"
  • It will give a success message. Refer to below example.
  • Now you can check from ncpa.cpl (Type in Run), it will show Team Network Adaptor there.
  • Now configure IP address in Team Network Adaptor.

Example: –

Existing Network Adaptors


Command in PowerShell

NIC Teaming Success

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