Data Migration Server


With rapid change in IT infrastructure, companies are moving towards cloud, Hybrid solution etc. The challenging task is SAN migration where we always have risk involved and also the time consuming activity. In order to achieve migration with low down time we can use DMS which is an appliance. It is easy to install, requires zero-changes to the hosts, FC switches, or the storage, and is 100% transparent to the existing production environment. This product is useful for local storage migration (storage refresh), remote data center migration (DC consolidation or move), and physical to virtual (legacy to cloud transformation) conversions. No downtime is required throughout the process until the data has been moved and cut-over to new storage is performed.

Faster Migration with Zero Downtime

DMS is the unique product which is powered by Transparent data interception (TDI) technology. When you insert appliance , It is aware of all reads and write of the storage. You can allocate and configure new storage at Location or Remote side with help of included storage plugin. Once you are done with migration pMotion feature help you to cut over without downtime.


1.Patented TDI Technology
2.Plugs directly into live SAN system
3.No reconfiguration of client hosts,SAN with Zoning
4.Real-time view of activities
5.Migration can be physical to physical or physical to virtual.
6.Intelligent QOS auto-adjusts performance based on I/O traffic.
7.Dynamic Check sum ensures data integrity
8.HA option for full redundancy
9.Optimized TCP/IP transport and AES-256 encryption for efficient and secure remote migration
10.DMS exclusive pMotion allows zero-downtime cut-over.
Cost effictive and centralized migration

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