Learn SRM – Part 14 – Perform Cleanup Activity in VMware SRM 6.5

Once our Testing has been completed, we need to run cleanup of the environment. Site Recovery Manager performs several cleanup operations after a test.

  • Powers off the recovered virtual machines.
  • Replaces recovered virtual machines with placeholders, preserving their identity and configuration information.
  • Cleans up replicated storage snapshots that the recovered virtual machines used during the test.

Step by Step: –

  • Login to VMware Site Recovery Manager Console.
  • Go to Monitor Tab and Click on icon highlighted in Red box.

2018-08-28 01_17_31-vSphere Web Client

  • Ready the Informational message. you may also choose Force Cleanup option if normal cleanup doesn’t work properly.
  • Click on Next

2018-08-28 01_17_34-vSphere Web Client

  • Cleanup Activity is ready to complete. Click on Finish to start the activity.

2018-08-28 01_17_40-vSphere Web Client

  • Monitor the Status of Cleanup Activity.

2018-08-28 01_17_44-vSphere Web Client

  • Cleanup has been done. Status is again in Ready State now. You can see the Green Run icon has been highlighted.

2018-08-28 01_18_18-vSphere Web Client

That’s all about Cleaning up our environment after Test Disaster Recovery. I will also add one more article which will show you how to Perform Recovery during Real Disaster. Stay Tuned to next article.

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