Learn HCX – Topic 1 – What is HCX (Hybrid Cloud Extension) ?

Introduction to HCX ( Hybrid Cloud Extension)

VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension, commonly known as HCX is a solution for App Mobility and Infrastructure Hybridity Across Any-to-Any vSphere. This is one of strongest migration tool from VMware which can help to migrate workload from on-premises to Cloud(e;g: IBM, AWS). Hybrid Cloud Extension is famous to facilitates secure and seamless app mobility and disaster recovery across on-premises vSphere platforms and VMware Clouds.

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Advantages of HCX:

App Mobility across vsphere 5.0+ ver

Migrate your workload with secure, seamless app mobility between vSphere 5.0+ on-premises and the cloud without upgrading your on-prem vSphere version. Enable zero-downtime “live” migrations and scheduled low-downtime, large-scale migrations.

Infrastructure Hybridity

HCX uses features such as secure proxy for vMotion; secure network extension; and high-throughput, WAN-optimized, load-balanced multisite interconnects.

Lower TCO

HCX enable hybrid cloud migration without retrofits, upgrades to existing sites or configuration modifications, such as IP address. Enable Auto VPN setup.

Disaster recovery

In the event of a disaster, Hybrid Cloud Extension can recovers the networking layer. Traffic routes are maintained as before the disaster, resulting in high-speed disaster recovery with low downtime.
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