What is ESXi hosts?

VMware ESXi is an Operating System and a VMware proprietary. It is a Hypervisor that is designed on VMkernel platform. ESXi hosts offers physical resources(CPU, Memory, NIC or local HDD) to running Virtual Machines on it. Virtual machines can have different OS or different set of Apps.

Few more facts about ESXi Hosts:-

  • ESXi hosts are managed through an interface which is BIOS-like console or through vSphere Command Like Interface (vCLI).
  • ESXi hosts come as a Installable package or can be Embedded(in firmware, USB or inside a BIOS chip).
  • ESXi hosts has a high security and a small disk footprint.

As, a recommendation we should install & configure ESXi hosts properly on supported hardware. All hardware can be verified by visiting VMware hardware Compatibility Guide. https://www.vmware.com/resources/compatibility/search.php?ESXI



Why use Virtual Machines?

Ever wondered why we should use Virtual machines over the Physical?

Here, we make it easier to understand:-


Physical Machines:-

  • Difficult to move or copy
  • Bound to a specific set of hardware components
  • Often has a short life cycle
  • Requires personal intervention to upgrade hardware



Virtual Machines:-

  • Easy to move and copy:
    • Packaged into set of files
    • No Dependency of physical hardware
  • Easy to manage:
    • Virtual machines are isolated from each other.
    • Protected from any hardware changes
    • Provides the ability to support old apps.
  • Allows servers to be easily consolidated



What is a Virtual Machine?

Virtual machine is set of computer files. It has an Operating System or Apps which imitates underlying hardware. It gets important to know what files make a virtual machine.

Please refer the slide and put through your questions.