ESXi Compatibility Checker Released

Today we are going to  discuss about ESXi Compatibility Checker. As an admin one of the common task for us to to upgrade ESXi environment regularly.

As you know for any fresh installation or any upgrade in vSphere environment, Admin has to check and validated hardware compatibility list and product interoperability matrix. Admin has to understand the data and validate them one by one manually which is tedious, time consuming and often prone to manual error when done at scale.

To over come this a fling has been introduced which is a python script ,which can validate VMware hardware compatibility and upgrade issues of ESXi. It will make whole process simple and easy .The catch is that with help of simple command you can validate the compatibility of ESXi. Now lets see what is the requirement of ESXi Compatibility checker.


To download  and run please click on below link:


How Does Virtualization Work?

Virtualization is the key where we separate traditional IT resources into easily manageable and centralized solutions. Virtulization increases capabilities while delivering availability. This separation often improves resource utilization and reduces administrative overhead for all business levels. Virtualization can be introduced in Bare-metal or hosted configurations.

Below slide indicates the architecture.





What is Virtualization?

It becomes crucial to understand the concept of Virtualization before we deep dive into Cloud Computing.  People tend to confuse Virtualizaiton with Simulation or Emulation which is NOT.

Simulation:  It imitates the working behavior of another program or device but all in virtual world. For example if you remember the flight simulator game that we used to play as kid.  Didn’t we used to feel like a Pilot in a cockpit 🙂

Emulation: It imitates the behavior of another program or device. It can be a software based code that has been designed to replace a hardware.  For example Making an old legacy app to work on different hardware which it was not supposed to run on.

Please refer the slide below.