Learn SRM – Part 7 – Configure Site Pairing in VMware SRM 8.1

Alright, So we are done with previous post on installation of Site Recovery Manager 8.1 and other related components. Now we are moving to configure the SRM 8.1.

In this article, we will configure Site pairing for Protected and Recovery Sites in SRM. Look at the below step by step guide to configure Site Pairing.

Step by Step to Configure Site Pairing: –

  • Login to vCenter console using vSphere Web Client. Once you will go to Home Page, You will see Site Recovery Plug in option here.
  • Click on Site Recovery.

2018-08-22 15_35_14-vSphere Web Client

  • Click on Open Site Recovery.

2018-08-22 15_35_25-vSphere Web Client

  • You will automatically redirect to Site Recovery page. Please note that starting from SRM 8.1, it is totally HTML based now which was earlier flash based. Hence you are seeing a different console here.
  • Click on New Site Pair.

2018-08-22 15_35_53-Site Recovery

  • Select the vCenter you want to pair. (Primary Site)
  • Select Platform Service Controller of Secondary(Recovery) Site. Click on Next.

2018-08-22 15_36_40-Site Recovery

  • Click on Connect on Security Alert pop-up.


  • Select the vCenter Server you want to pair. (Recovery Site)

2018-08-22 15_37_18-Site Recovery

  • Select the vCenter Server you want to pair. Select the Site Recovery Manager service. Click on Next.

2018-08-22 15_37_24-Site Recovery

  • Click on Connect on Security Alert Pop-up.

2018-08-22 15_37_36-Site Recovery

  • Site Pairing has been completed. Review the selected settings.
  • Click on Finish.

2018-08-22 15_37_44-Site Recovery

  • On Site Recovery Console, you will both sites are connected to each other.
  • When you will click on View Details, you can further do the more configuration.


  • Here is Site Recovery Front end console, ready for further configuration.

2018-08-22 15_39_24-Site Recovery

  • It will pop-up to enter credentials for Recovery Site vCenter Server.

2018-08-22 15_38_45-Site Recovery

  • Review SRM summary and other configurations.

2018-08-22 15_39_24-Site Recovery

That’s is all from this Site Pairing topic. In next article, we are going to see how to Configure SRM Array Manager Pairing.

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