Learn SRM – Part 10 – Create Placeholder Datastore in VMware SRM 6.5

Welcome back to the new article on VMware SRM. This topic will cover how to Create Placeholder Datastore in VMware SRM. I am using VMware SRM 6.5.

For every virtual machine in a protection group, Site Recovery Manager creates a placeholder virtual machine at the recovery site. You must identify a datastore on the recovery site in which Site Recovery Manager can store the placeholder virtual machines.

After you select the datastore to contain the placeholder virtual machines, Site Recovery Manager reserves a place for protected virtual machines in the inventory on the recovery site. Site Recovery Manager creates a set of virtual machine files on the specified datastore at the recovery site and uses that subset to register the placeholder virtual machine with vCenter Server on the recovery site.

Step by Step: –

  • To create Placeholder Datastore at both site, you need to login to VMware SRM console.
  • Select Protected Site and go to Placeholder datastores tab.
  • Click on Box icon under placeholder datastores tab.

2018-08-27 23_16_20-vSphere Web Client

  • Go to Sites > Manage and Click on Placeholder Datastore. Click on OK. Make sure that you have already created this datastore in Protected Site’s Virtual Center.

2018-08-27 23_16_27-vSphere Web Client

  • Perform the same step for Recovery Site. Select Recovery Site under Sites.
  • Go to Placeholder datastores. Click on Box icon.

2018-08-27 23_18_29-vSphere Web Client

  • Select Placeholder datastore for Recovery Site. Make sure that you have already created this datastore in recovery Site’s Virtual Center.

2018-08-27 23_18_39-vSphere Web Client2018-08-27 23_18_39-vSphere Web Client

Placeholder datastores have been created in both site.

2018-08-27 23_18_43-vSphere Web Client

That’s all from this article. We are moving to next article which is to Configure Protected Group in VMware SRM. Stay Connected.

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