Learn SRM – Part 4.7 – Find and Add ISCSI Initiator in ESXi Host

In previous post, we explored that how to create Volumes and Cluster. Now we need to add those volumes to ESXi Hosts. To add any iSCSI volume in ESXi Host, you need to Configure iSCSI port at ESXi Host.

  • Login to vCenter Server through vSphere Web Client. Go to ESXi Host.
  • Click on Configure and go to Storage Adapters.
  • Click on + icon and select Software iSCSI Adapters.

2018-08-21 23_52_45-vSphere Web Client

  • iSCSI Software Adapter has been added. Now you need to add IP address of iSCSI storage.

2018-08-21 23_52_59-vSphere Web Client

  • Click on Dynamic Discovery under Targets tab.
  • Click on Add.

2018-08-21 23_53_02-vSphere Web Client

  • Provide IP address of iSCSI Server. Here you will use Virtual IP(VIP) which you created in previous post for HP VSA System.
  • Click on OK.

2018-08-21 23_52_19-vSphere Web Client

iSCSI server has been added. Whatever volumes will be preseted to this ESXi host from that particular iSCSI storage, it will be visible here.

2018-08-21 23_58_38-vSphere Web Client

Perform the same steps for all ESXi hosts you want to consider for SRM. You also need to follow above steps for Recovery site’s ESXi hosts. Make sure that you use Virtual IP of Recovery Site’s HP VSA System.

That’s all from this article. In next article, we will see how to assign volumes using HP VSA.

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