Learn SRM – Part 4.5 – Create Management Group using HP StoreVirtual VSA

In previous topic, we explored that how to add HP VSA appliance in CMC console. Now we will see how to Create management group in HP VSA using HPE StoreVirtual Centralized Management Console(CMC).

Configure RAID: –

Before creating Management group and add your system to Management Group, make sure that you have configured RAID for your available storage.

  • To do so, access HP VSA CMC console. Go to Available Systems and Select appliance which is configured for primary site.
  • Go to Storage option, and Click on Configure RAID.

2018-08-21 15_04_41-HPE StoreVirtual Centralized Management Console

  • Select Stripe Option and Click on OK.

2018-08-21 15_04_44-Configure RAID

  • RAID has been configured now.
  • Perform same steps for Recovery HP VSA appliance.

2018-08-21 15_11_56-HPE StoreVirtual Centralized Management Console

Create Management Group: –

Now once RAID Configuration is done, you need to create a management group and add your HP VSA system to management group.

  • Go to Start and Open HPE StoreVirtual CMC console.
  • Go to Getting Started tab and Click on Management Groups,  Clusters, and Volumes wizard in right panel.

2018-08-21 14_54_12-HPE StoreVirtual Centralized Management Console

  • You will see HP VSA appliances under Available Systems tab.
  • Click on HP VSA which you have installed for Primary Site.

2018-08-21 14_57_15-HPE StoreVirtual Centralized Management Console

  • Right Click on Appliance, Click on Add to New Management Group.

2018-08-21 14_57_19-HPE StoreVirtual Centralized Management Console

  • Name your management group and select your HP VSA system. Here I have selected for Primary site HP VSA. Click on Next.

2018-08-21 15_15_11-Management Groups, Clusters, and Volumes Wizard

  • Add Administrative user which will be used for login to VSA. Click on Next.

2018-08-21 15_16_24-Management Groups, Clusters, and Volumes Wizard

  • Add NTP Server. Click on use a NTP Server.

2018-08-21 15_16_45-Management Groups, Clusters, and Volumes Wizard

  • Enter NTP Server and Click on OK.

2018-08-21 15_17_25-Add NTP Server

  • Click on Next.

2018-08-21 15_17_29-Management Groups, Clusters, and Volumes Wizard

  • Provide DNS information. Click on Next.

2018-08-21 15_18_14-Management Groups, Clusters, and Volumes Wizard

  • Provide SMTP settings or skip to proceed further.

2018-08-21 15_18_42-Management Groups, Clusters, and Volumes Wizard

  • Click on Accept Incomplete.

2018-08-21 15_18_45-Centralized Management Console

  • Select type of cluster as Standard Cluster. Click on Next.

2018-08-21 15_18_55-Management Groups, Clusters, and Volumes Wizard

  • Give a name to Cluster. Click on Next.

2018-08-21 15_19_33-Management Groups, Clusters, and Volumes Wizard

  • Add Virtual IP (VIP) which will you use to access iSCSI storage through ESXi host. When you will add iSCSI path in ESXi host, you will have to give Virtual IP which you are configuring now.

2018-08-21 15_21_35-Add VIP and Subnet Mask

  • If you have used Standard cluster then you can have only one VIP and Subnet Mask, if you have multi-site clusters than you can have multiple VIP.
  • Click on Next.

2018-08-21 15_21_43-Management Groups, Clusters, and Volumes Wizard

  • Give Volume Name. Click on Finish.

2018-08-21 15_23_02-Management Groups, Clusters, and Volumes Wizard

  • Now it will create Management group called “Pathshala-Protected-Group”. Click on Close, it will take some time.

2018-08-21 15_23_16-Centralized Management Console

2018-08-21 15_23_24-Management Groups, Clusters, and Volumes Wizard

  • Here you can see that Management group has been created and Prtoected site’s HP VSA appliance is part of this management group.

2018-08-21 15_25_55-HPE StoreVirtual Centralized Management Console

Now you have created a Management Group for Protected Site’s System. You need to do the same for Recovery Site’s System. Follow the same steps and create a Management Group called Pathshala-Recovery-Group. Add HP VSA system for recovery site in that management group.

Here is what we have added in our lab.

2018-08-21 15_44_19-HPE StoreVirtual Centralized Management Console


That’s all from this article. Moving to next which is to Create Cluster and Volumes in HP VSA.

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