Learn SRM – Part 4.1 – Deploy HP StoreVirtual VSA

Hey Guys, we are in process of implementing Site Recovery Manager in our home lab. We need to ensure that we have replicated storage in place as we are going to use Array based Replication. HP StoreVirtual VSA is one of the solution which provides array based replication for your home lab setup.

Before installing SRM, we need to deploy HP VSA. Deploy the HP VSA on Protected and Recovery side using the below steps.

  • Download HP StoreVirtual VSA OVF from HP website. Click here.
  • Logged in to vCenter through the web client or access direct host using Web client. Here I am logged in directly to host.

2018-08-21 14_15_25-cp-host-pr-03.localdomain - VMware ESXi

  • Click on “Create Register VM” to deploy OVF

2018-08-21 14_15_31-cp-host-pr-03.localdomain - VMware ESXi

  • Select “Deploy a virtual machine from an OVF or OVA file” and click next

2018-08-21 14_15_34-cp-host-pr-03.localdomain - VMware ESXi

  • Enter the Name of the VSA and click next:

2018-08-21 14_16_44-cp-host-pr-03.localdomain - VMware ESXi

  • Select the Storage, where you want to deploy the VSA

2018-08-21 14_16_48-cp-host-pr-03.localdomain - VMware ESXi

  • Click on license agreements as “I Agree”

2018-08-21 14_16_52-cp-host-pr-03.localdomain - VMware ESXi

  • Select Disk Provisioning and Check-in Power on automatically

2018-08-21 14_16_55-cp-host-pr-03.localdomain - VMware ESXi

  • You got configuration summery, now click on Finish

2018-08-21 14_16_58-cp-host-pr-03.localdomain - VMware ESXi

  • Now HP-VSA has deployed

2018-08-21 14_17_22-cp-host-pr-03.localdomain - VMware ESXi

You need follow the above steps and deploy HP VSA in Recovery site as well.

Moving to next article which is to Configure HP VSA Networking.

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