Learn SRM – Part 2 – Understand VMware Site Recovery Manager Licensing

Alright! In previous post, we explored about the Introduction of VMware SRM 8.1. Now we are all set to explore Licensing part of VMware Site Recovery Manager which is an key area where most of the VMware Admins stuck.


You are looking for a VMware SRM Solution in your environment. Now first question is, what all licenses you required from Virtualization prospective!!

Before proceeding specific to VMware Site Recovery Licenses, you must have vCenter Server and vSphere licenses. Next to this, focusing on VMware SRM licenses which is required.

Site Recovery Manager is not included as part of any VMware vSphere editions. SRM requires an additional purchase.

Site Recovery Manager is priced per virtual machine basis it means that you need to buy Licenses on the basis of count of your Virtual Machines you want to protect.

Licenses comes in a bunch of 25 Virtual Machines. It means if you have 26 VMs need to protect, you have to buy pack of 25+25=50 Virtual Machines license for VMware SRM.

If you are using bi-directional method, means protect and re-protect, you need to buy double licensees. Let’s take an example, you have a site that contains 25 virtual machines for Site Recovery Manager to protect.

  • For recovery, you require a license for at least 25 virtual machines, that you install on the protected site to allow one-way protection from the protected site to the recovery site.
  • For re-protect, you require a license for at least 25 virtual machines, that you install on both the protected and the recovery site to allow bidirectional protection between the sites.

After installing VMware Site Recovery Manager, it will be in evaluation period of 60 days. After the evaluation license expires, existing protection groups remain protected and you can recover them, but you cannot create new protection groups or add virtual machines to an existing protection group until you obtain and assign a valid Site Recovery Manager license key.

There are two types of VMware SRM Licenses: –

  1. Standard License
  2. Enterprise License


You can check the costing and obtain VMware Site Recovery Manager licenses from Site Recovery Manager Product Licensing Center at http://www.vmware.com/products/site-recovery-manager/buy.html

That’s all from this topic. Hope it cleared your licensing doubts. If you have any further query which I couldn’t recall or if you have any inputs on this, please do not hesitate to share in comment box.

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