Learning Module on VMware Site Recovery Manager 8.1(SRM) for Beginners

Dear All, In previous modules, we explored different topics of VMware and other products. In this module, we are going to learn VMware Site Recovery Manager(SRM) which is an essential component of disaster recovery of your Virtual Data Center. Every VMware admin who is looking for a DR solution, should explore SRM product.

  • Site Recovery Manager provides automation of failover and disaster recovery testing in your Virtual Environment.
  • It provides application availability and mobility across sites in private cloud environments with policy-based management, non- disruptive testing and automated orchestration.
  • You can plan, test, and run the recovery of virtual machines between a protected vCenter Server site and a recovery vCenter Server site using VMware SRM.


VMware SRM helps you to achieve the followings: –

  • Once Click Recovery during Disaster

  • Delivers Fast and Reliable IT Disaster Recovery

  • Uses simple Policy-Based Management

  • Powers Disaster Recovery as-a-Service (DRaaS)

  • Lowers Total Cost of ownership Up to 50%

I am not going much in depth in this article as I am going to share step by step about everything of SRM in next articles. I will try to write this complete module in such a way which can be easy to understand even for beginners.

Another most foremost thing which I would like to highlight here, that we are going to explore this complete module on recently launched VMware SRM version which 8.1.

There is quick steps to deploy VMware Site Recovery Manager which you need to understand in below points: –


I have explained each points(mentioned above in pictorial view) in different topics below and that’s too in step by step procedure so that it can helpful for you to get a better understanding.

Take a look in below topics, explore and learn Site Recovery Manager: –

Stay tuned for next articles and modules. Please do share if you found this module useful.