Learning Modules on VMware HCX(Hybrid Cloud Extension) for Beginners

Good Day All! Hope you are enjoying the Virtual learning at Cloud Pathshala.

In continuous to our different modules on several topics, here I am going to bring a new module which is VMware HCX.

In last couple of days, I was working on VMware HCX(Hybrid Cloud Extension) to migrate our datacenter workload from on-premises to Cloud environment. VMware HCX helped me lot for a secured and seamless migration. I explored many new things during our activity which I would like to share with you from scratch.


If you are going to start or learn HCX, there might be N number of questions you may have in your mind. Based on that, I prepared a learning module on VMware HCX Specially for Beginners. If you are new to HCX, this learning module may be quite useful for you to start HCX from scratch.

To make to simple specially for those who are just jumped in to this technology, I used very simple words to make you understand about HCX through my blog. I have seperated all topics in differents articles and prepared a complete learning module.

Here is complete module of VMware HCX for Beginners:

Learn HCX – Topic 1 – What is HCX (Hybrid Cloud Extension) ?

Learn HCX – Topic 2 – What are the Components of HCX?

Learn HCX – Topic 3 – How to Obtain Activation Key for HCX?

Learn HCX – Topic 4 – Deployment and configuration of HCX

Learn HCX – Topic 5 – Site Pairing and Deploying Fleet Components

Learn HCX – Topic 6 – Type of Migration

Learn HCX – Topic 7 – Steps to Migrate Virtual Machines using HCX

Learn HCX – Topic 8 – Steps to Perform Reverse Migration

Learn HCX – Topic 9 – How to Protect Virtual Machine for DR via HCX

Learn HCX – Topic 10 – How to Run Test Fail-over for Virtual Machine using HCX
In next few days, I am going to add more topics here whatever I find relevant to this topics. I will get back to you through this blog. Please stay tuned.

If you wants to add some topics here or if I did some mistake, please do not hesitate to share in comment box or email us at admin@cloudpathshala.com


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