Learning Modules on Kubernetes for Beginners

Good Day All! Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

In last couple of days, I was exploring Kubernetes in my Lab environment. I explored many new things as a beginner. I tried to gather all W-H questions which may ask or come into your mind if you are thinking to start Kubernetes.


Based on that, I prepared a learning module on Kubernetes Specially for Beginners. If you are new to Kubernetes, you might have lot of queries such as How and Where to Start it from scratch. I segregated all such queries in different topics and prepared a complete learning module specially for techies who just jumped or thinking to start this hot selling technology.

Here is complete module of Kubernetes for Beginners: –


Topic 1 – What is Kubernetes? | Learn Kubernetes – Part 1

Topic 2 – Components and Architecture of Kubernetes | Learn Kubernetes – Part 2

Topic 3 – Versions of Kubernetes | Learn Kubernetes – Part 3

Topic 4 – Kubernetes Terminology every admins need to know | Learn Kubernetes – Part 4

Topics 5 – Getting Start to Setup and Configure Kubernetes | Learn Kubernetes – Part 5

Topics 6 – How to Install Kubernetes on Windows 10 with Hyper-v using Minikube| Learn Kubernetes – Part 6

In next few days, I am going to add more topics here whatever I get to know as a beginners. I will get back to you through this blog. Please stay tuned.

If you wants to add some topics here or if I did some mistake, please do not hesitate to share in commend box or email us at admin@cloudpathshala.com


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