Components and Architecture of Kubernetes | Learn Kubernetes – Part 2

Kubernetes consists of several components, some of them optional, some mandatory for the whole system to function.

There are mainly two nodes. Each nodes have several components.

  1. Master Node

    • Master node is responsible for the management of Kubernetes cluster.
    • This is for all administrative tasks.
    • It is also responsible for taking care of Orchestrating the worker node.
  2. Worker Node

    • Worker node is responsible to run Pods.
    • It contains all the services to:
      • Manage the networking between the container
      • Communicate with master node
      • Assign resources to containers scheduled.

List of Components of Kubernetes: –

Components of Kubernetes

Architecture of Kubernetes Components: –

Kubernetes follows client-server architecture. Wherein, Master Node is installed on one machine and the Worker node is installed on separate Linux machines.

Kubernetes Architecture

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