Install and Configure the Storage Nodes | OpenStack Swift – Part 5

This section describes how to install and configure storage nodes that operate the account, container, and object services. For simplicity, this configuration references two storage nodes, each containing three empty local block storage devices. The instructions use /dev/sdb , /dev/sdc and /dev/sdd, but you can substitute different values for your particular nodes.

Prepare storage  node3 and node4  as shown  below:




Create mount point  directory and moun:

$mkdir /srv/node/sdb /srv/node/sdc /srv/node/sdd

$mount -a

Install the supporting utility packages:

$yum install xfsprogs rsync

$vi /etc/rsyncd.conf

Create  or  edit rsyncd.conf file  as  shown  below.  — Replace the ip address with  your storage nodes  IP.


$systemctl enable rsyncd.service

$systemctl start rsyncd.service


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