Deploy Multi node Openstack Swift – Queens Configuration | OpenStack Swift – Part 2

In this session, we will deploy Multi node Openstack Swift – Queens  Configuration.

Lab Setup:

  • Server Names : node1, node3 and Node4
  • OS : CentOS 7.3 – 64 bit
  • Enabled Internet Connection


  1. Make sure each hosts are reachable. I make an entries in hosts file only.
  2. Verify the internet connection, bcos we use public repos to install these components.
  3. Take a backup or snapshot at different stages to restore in case of failure.
  4. Stop firewall to avoid issues during the installations (systemctl stop firewalld ; systemctl disable firewalld).
  5. Disable Selinux –   vi /etc/selinux.config  —  SELINUX=disabled
  6. Keystone – The proxy service relies on an authentication and authorization mechanism such as the Identity service.

Stages involved in this deployments are:

  1. Configuring Keystone
  2. Install and configure Proxy server on node1
  3. Install  and  configure  storage nodes  on  node3 and node4
  4. Create and distribute initial  Rings
  5. Verify Operation

Click on above link to explore the step by step method of these stages.