vSphere 6.7 ICM – Topic 6.4 – Extending a VMFS Volume.

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As a VMware Admin, the most common & frequent task that falls on your plate is to extend a datastore. This blog is going to explain  step by step process  to achieve the same requirement.

Points to Cover: –

  1. Extending a VMFS volume.
  2. Increasing size of datstore
  3.  Refresh the volume once extended at storage end.

Open webclient and login to vCenter or a direct session to ESXi host.

  • Go to datastore view as shown in the below mentioned screen.2018-07-28 17_35_53-vSphere - cp-ds-02-g - Summary.jpg


In the datastore view-

  • Right click the VMFS datastore that you need to increase/extend as shown in the image below.2018-07-28 17_35_57-vSphere - cp-ds-02-g - Summary.jpg


In the wizard, select the datastore that we are going to extend. Ensure & verify the name of the datstore which we wanted to extend at first place. Do verify the capacity as well.2018-07-28 17_36_07-vSphere - cp-ds-02-g - Summary.jpg


In the next window you can use the  scroll bar to extend the size. If the free space is not showing then volume needs to be extended at the storage end first,  Refer the note below. It is advisable to type the size manually.  Ensure NOT to change the Partition configuration.

NOTE: we must get the volume extended at the storage end before we could see the free space. If it has been done already and not updated then we need to do do “refresh” in the “Summary” tab d under webclient.2018-07-28 17_36_14-vSphere - cp-ds-02-g - Summary.jpg



Next screen shows the configuration of your recent selection. At this point, you can always go back to make the required changes before you commit.  click “Finish” once ready.2018-07-28 17_36_19-vSphere - cp-ds-02-g - Summary.jpg


You can check the status of the datastore extension at the bottom of the “Recent Tasks”.  Once finished you can refer to the “Summary” Tab to verify the size. You can also click refresh if  “Summary” is not updated.2018-07-28 17_36_36-vSphere - cp-ds-02-g - Summary