vSphere 6.7 ICM – Topic 6.3 – Creating VMFS Volume.

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This blog helps you with the steps required to create a VMFS Volume in vSphere ESXi environment.

Points to Cover: –

  1. Creating a VMFS Volume.
  2. Key  Features of VMFS 6 over VMFS 5.
  3. Specifying the partition configuration for datastore.

In our lab we are connected to vCenter through webclient.

  • Select the ESXi host in the left pane2018-07-28 17_18_31-vSphere - cp-esxi-02.pathshala.com - Storage Devices.jpg


Once you right click on the host on the left pane, it will open a dialogue box as shown below-

  • Click “Storage” and choose “New Datastore”.2018-07-28 17_18_37-vSphere - cp-esxi-02.pathshala.com - Storage Devices.jpg


Now, that the “New datastore” wizard has come out on the screen. Select “VMFS” and click next as shown below.2018-07-28 17_18_47-vSphere - cp-esxi-02.pathshala.com - Storage Devices


We need to specify the name of the LUN/DISK before it can be used as it is shown in the below mentioned screenshot.2018-07-28 17_19_15-vSphere - cp-esxi-02.pathshala.com - Storage Devices


In our next screen, we need to choose the VMFS version for the datastore. Please choose based on your requirements of environment.

VMFS 6  was introduced in vSphere 6.5 with following key features over VMFS 5-

  • VMFS 6 is not accessible to ESXi 6.0 and earlier.
  • VMFS 6 supports automatic space reclamation- It gives functionality to storage arrays to reclaim deleted or unmapped disk blocks a datastore.
  • VMFS 6 also supports space reclamation from Guest OS.
  • It supports 4K native drivers in 512e (Emulation) mode which means legacy applications and guest operating systems are supported.2018-07-28 17_19_29-vSphere - cp-esxi-02.pathshala.com - Storage Devices.jpg


Upon choosing the VMFS version, the next screen asks you choose the size of the datastore and the partition configuration. By default, it would be GPT unless specified.2018-07-28 17_19_35-vSphere - cp-esxi-02.pathshala.com - Storage Devices.jpg


At the end, it would ask you verify the details provided in the previous screens. Ensure to verify and return back if any changes are needed.