vSphere 6.7 ICM – Topic 6.2 – Creating a NFS datastore.

A very Happy Learning to All!

This blog explains you on how to create a NFS datastore in vSphere ESXi hosts along with its configuration options.

Points to Cover: –

  1. Creating a NFS datatore.
  2. Brief overview of NFS 4.1 & NFS 3.
  3. Providing “NFS share details”. Datastore Name, Moutpoint name and NFS server IP.
  4. Brief overview of Kerberos option in NFS.

Log in to vCenter using  vSphere webclient and choose the ESXi host as shown below.2018-07-28 17_49_24-vSphere - cp-esxi-02.pathshala.com - Datastores.jpg


Right click the host and point it to storage and then click “New Datastore”.2018-07-28 17_49_30-vSphere - cp-esxi-02.pathshala.com - Datastores.jpg


Options in the New Datastore wizard-

  • Select “NFS” and click “Next” as shown in the image below.2018-07-28 17_49_34-vSphere - cp-esxi-02.pathshala.com - Datastores.jpg


In the next screen, see the NFS versions available.

  •  Choose the NFS 4.1 or NFS 3

Note:-If you are going to use NFS 4.1 then make sure that all the ESXi hosts are mounting it using 4.1.  We can’t have mixed protocol versions for the same datastore across the hosts. NFS 3 is for legacy ESXi hosts running earlier than 6.02018-07-28 17_49_38-vSphere - cp-esxi-02.pathshala.com - Datastores


We must specify the following for the configuration-

  • Datastore name.
  • Folder name which is the mount point.
  • NFS server name hosting the share.
  • If we want session trunking for the multiple paths then we must enter the multiple IP addresses that are at the NAS server.2018-07-28 17_51_33-vSphere - cp-esxi-02.pathshala.com - Datastores


Next screen indicates the options available for Kerberos authentication. If you don’t use kerberos, the host will use AUTH_SYS. For Kerberos authentication we must have  reliable time source configured for the host. Generally, it is AD DC holding PDC emulator role(one role out of FSMO roles). Ensure to verify the time at the host and at DC level. Time variation should NOT be beyond 5 mins.2018-07-28 17_51_45-vSphere - cp-esxi-02.pathshala.com - Datastores


Following screen indicates the summary of provided inputs in previous windows. Please ensure that provided information is correct. If any changes are needed then go back to previous windows.

  • Click “Finish” to commit the changes and watch the recent tasks for NFS datastore to be created.2018-07-28 17_51_49-vSphere - cp-esxi-02.pathshala.com - Datastores.jpg