vSphere 6.7 ICM -Topic 7.9 – Create and manage virtual machine snapshots

You can create snapshot to keep a copy of the virtual machine’s disk file at a given point in time. Basically Snapshots provide a feasibility to restore a virtual machine to a particular point in time when a failure or system error occurs.

Continuing to the learning of vSphere 6.7 – Install, Configure, and Manage modules, we are going to cover below points in this blog.

Points to Cover: –

  • Create virtual machine snapshot
  • Revert virtual machine snapshot
  • Delete virtual machine snapshot.

Lets start today’s activity by learning the process of taking snap shot. Login to your virtual center and Select the machine.

2018-07-28 18_14_34-vSphere - test-vm-02 - Summary

Right click on virtual machine , go to Snapshot and select take snapshot.2018-07-28 18_14_41-vSphere - test-vm-02 - Summary

Enter the name of the snapshot. 2018-07-28 18_14_46-vSphere - test-vm-02 - Summary

Monitor the process till snapshot creation completes.2018-07-28 18_14_58-vSphere - test-vm-02 - Summary

You can see that process is completed now.2018-07-28 18_15_43-vSphere - test-vm-02 - Summary

Now verify the snapshot, Select virtual  machine and right click , go to manage snapshot option.2018-07-28 18_15_51-vSphere - test-vm-02 - Summary

You can see he snapshot in this window.2018-07-28 18_15_55-vSphere - test-vm-02 - Summary

Now we will see, how we can restore virtual machine to the snapshot which was taken recently. Right click Virtual machine go to snapshot and select revert to latest snapshot.

2018-07-28 18_16_10-vSphere - test-vm-02 - Summary

Select Yes.2018-07-28 18_16_17-vSphere - test-vm-02 - Summary

Monitor till it gets complete. 2018-07-28 18_16_44-vSphere - test-vm-02 - Summary

Now we are left with our last topic to delete snapshot.

Right click on your virtual machine, Go to snapshots and select delete all snapshot option.

2018-07-28 18_17_02-vSphere - test-vm-02 - Summary

Select ok.2018-07-28 18_17_05-vSphere - test-vm-02 - Summary

Monitor tasks till it gets complete2018-07-28 18_17_10-vSphere - test-vm-02 - Summary

That’s all from this topic.Refer to next topics to explore more.

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