vSphere 6.7 ICM – Module 9 – vSphere HA, vSphere Fault Tolerance, and Protecting Data

We are going to explore Module 9 of vSphere 6.7 – Install, Configure, Manage. It will cover following topics. Click on links which you want to explore.

9.1-Explain the vSphere HA architecture
9.2-Configure and manage a vSphere HA cluster
9.3-Use vSphere HA advanced parameters
9.4-Enforce infrastructural or intra-app dependencies
during failover
9.5-Describe vSphere HA heartbeat networks and
datastore heartbeats
9.6-Examine the features and functions of vSphere
Fault Tolerance
9.7-Enable vSphere Fault Tolerance on virtual
9.8-Support vSphere Fault Tolerance interoperability
with vSAN
9.9-Examine enhanced consolidation of vSphere
Fault Tolerance virtual machines
9.10-Examine the features and functions of vSphere

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