vSphere 6.7 ICM – Topic 7.1 – Use templates and cloning to deploy new virtual machines

In topic 7.3, We are done with clone of virtual machine. Now we will see how to build template in VMware. We have “clone of test VM-01” virtual machine which we will be converting into template.

Points to Cover: –

  1. Convert a Virtual Machine to Template
  2. Deploy a Virtual Machine using Template
  3. Convert a Template to Virtual Machine

1. Convert a Virtual Machine to Template

Steps to covert a VM to Template:

  • Select virtual machine you want to convert to Template. Make sure that it is powered off.
  • Right Click and Go to Template. Click on convert to template option.

2018-07-28 17_55_28-vSphere - Clone of test-vm-01 - Summary

  • Select “Yes”.

2018-07-28 17_55_34-vSphere - Clone of test-vm-01 - Summary

  • Hold till operation get completed, You will see that virtual machine has converted in to template. You can easily identify by looking at its icon.

2018-07-28 17_55_43-vSphere - Clone of test-vm-01 - Summary

  • Task has been finished and VM has been converted to Template.

2. Deploy a Virtual Machine using Template

For build team/VM admin, one of the daily task is to deploy virtual machine from template so here we are going to cover it. Now we have template ready which we will use to deploy virtual machine.

Steps to deploy a VM using template:

  • Right Click on template and select new vm from this template option to deploy virtual machine using template.

2018-07-28 17_55_50-vSphere - Clone of test-vm-01 - Summary

  • Enter Name of the virtual machine and select the target location where you want to deploy it.


  • Select Compute resource.


  • Select data store, disk format and VM storage policy for virtual machine


  • Select option asper your need. Its not mandatory hence we are not selecting any option


  • Review your setting and click finish.


  • Monitor the task and you will see that virtual is built for your. In our case its ‘test-vm-02″.

2018-07-28 17_56_34-vSphere - test-vm-02 - Summary

3. Convert a Template to Virtual Machine

Another topic we are going to discuss about how to convert template in to virtual machine.

Steps to convert a template to VM:

  • Select a Template you want to convert to Virtual Machine.

2018-07-28 17_56_44-vSphere - Clone of test-vm-01 - Summary

  • Right click on template and select option ‘convert to virtual machine”.

2018-07-28 17_56_52-vSphere - Clone of test-vm-01 - Summary

  • Select compute resources as explained above in this blog, review the setting and click finish.

2018-07-28 17_57_18-vSphere - Clone of test-vm-01 - Summary

  • Wait till it get converted. You can see template has been converted in to virtual machine.

2018-07-28 17_57_24-vSphere - Clone of test-vm-01 - Summary

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