Learn HCX – Topic 6 – Type of Migration


Deploying of fleet components, Tunnel are ready and all set to migration but please ensure that all prerequisite are done example Firewall rule to be set up at cloud side.

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Let’s discuss type of migration which we can perform via HCX.

vMotion Migration:

This is the live migration of virtual machine from on-premise to Cloud without downtime. It happen in sequence which means you can plan a job for multiple VM’s but it will happen one by one. Also there is limitation that after migration VM will not be retained on on-premise site.

Bulk Migration:

You can plan multiple VM to migrate to cloud at same time with low downtime. Good thing is that migration happens in parallel and virtual machine retain at on premise side after migration. Important thing is that you have to plan cut over. It can be done in two ways.

  1. Immediate fail-over starts migration immediately which includes cut-over.
  2. Scheduled fail-over where initial data sync starts but the cut-over will happen only at a scheduled time.

Please note that forward and reverse migration is supported for both the above options.

Cold Migration:

Performing migration of Power Off machine are considered as Cold Migration. You can  perform multiple migration together and source VM is not retained On prem site.


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