Learn HCX – Topic 5 – Site Pairing and Deploying Fleet Components

Once you deployed HCX manager, configured and activated with Cloud HCX instance then you are ready for site pairing and deploying fleet components. In this topic, we are going to cover Site Pairing and Deploying Fleet Components. You may also refer to below related topics.

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Site Pairing and Deploying Fleet Components:-

  • Login to on-premises vCenter and click on HCX icon at the home page.
  • Scroll down and click on new site pairing.
  • You will get below screen.

New site pair

  • Click on register new connection.


  • Update below information to connect to cloud side HCX.

register connect

  • Wait till your site gets connected.  you will get the site connection details once connection is establish. Now you are ready for deploying fleet component. Click the components which you want to install.

installing component

  • You will required total three IP for these components. Two IP for HCX interconnect service and one IP for network extension.
  • Enter following details for HCX interconnect.

interconnect IP

  • Enter Network Extension.


  • Click on next and Finish. Its time to wait for 15-20 minutes to deploy these appliance and get ready.

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