Learn HCX – Topic 4 – Deployment and configuration of HCX

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Once we got the  HCX instance on Cloud side from AWS or IBM cloud portal then we have to get On-prem side  ready for HCX installation and configuration. First you have to download the OVA for  HCX Enterprise Client .

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Let’s proceed with the information for deploying and configuration of HCX.

Procedure to download OVA:

  • Connect to the HCX Cloud system using HCX cloud URL.
  • Go to Administration> System Updates tab
  • The OVA can be directly downloaded by clicking the ‘HCX Enterprise Client  button Or optionally copy the download link, by using the ‘Copy Link ‘ button to download via a different system .


You are now done with the downloading part. Now once you have OVA file available, let’s proceed with Installation of HCX Manager at Client side.

Installation of HCX Manager:

You need to log in source or on-premises Virtual Center and follow the below procedure.

  • Right click the management cluster > click Deploy OVF Template
  • Review the details > Click Next > Accept the EULA > Click Next
  • Name the HCX Manager appliance > Select a Folder > Click Next
  • Select the management datastore (Typically where vCenter is deployed)
  • Select the management network (Typically where vCenter is connected)
  • Provide passwords for the admin and root default users.
  • Expand and fill the Network properties, DNS & Services sections (NTP is required)
  • a. In the Network Properties section, provide the VM hostname, and IP address configurations.
  • b. In the DNS section, provide the local DNS server and Domain Name Search List.
  • c. In the Services Configuration section, provide the local NTP server (required). Optionally enable SSH.
  • Click Next. Finish.

The OVA deployment binds HCX to vCenter as an Extension. It may take up to 5min to bring the appliance up for the HCX Manager appliance to fully initialize after deploying the OVA.

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