Learn HCX – Topic 3 – How to Obtain Activation Key for HCX?

In last topics, we gone through with the overview and Components of HCX. This blog will help to collect activation key for HCX running on AWS and IBM.

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Here is information for Obtaining Activation Key for HCX:-

For VMware with HCX running on AWS:

  • Login to console.cloud.vmware.com
  • Open VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension
  • Click on Activation Keys
  • Create Activation Key
  • Create an HCX Cloud key for VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Create an HCX Enterprise key for HCX On premises

HCX in IBM Cloud

  • Login at IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions Portal
  • Click on HCX on IBM
  • Click on Learn More
  • Scroll to bottom.
  • Select On premises HCX
  • Provide Instance Name
  • Click Next to place the order
  • Copy the activation key.
  • Use this activation key on premises. The IBM Cloud is activated automatically during provisioning.

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